LA Times Interviews Nick Rosenberg on Eagles “Hotel California” Case

Aug 25, 2022 | Business Litigation, The Latest, Unfair Business Practices

The LA Times interviewed Nick Rosenberg for an article on the recent indictment of three people involved in the sale of rock and roll memorabilia, alleged to have illegally tried to sell stolen original lyric sheets for the classic Eagles album Hotel California. The Firm has successfully represented buyers of music, sports, and other memorabilia and artwork in cases involving counterfeit items, fraud, and breaches of duty by auction houses and other sellers of high-end art and memorabilia. Commenting on the challenges in dealing with dishonesty in the industry, Nick (an Eagles fan himself) warned that “[t]here is a bit of a black box involved in auction items that are in part valuable because they’re mysterious and elusive and exciting. But that also provides a lot of opportunities for either genuine mistake or outright fraud.” For more on the Eagles saga, see the full LA Times article.